We are developing an agriculture training & marketing framework aimed at helping rural smallholder farmers in eastern Uganda to start up and run viable agriculture microenterprises that can lift them from extreme poverty in a self sufficient manner.

The Uganda Community Farm, a community agriculture social enterprise, aims to equip Uganda’s rural poor with the knowledge and skills to work and help themselves out of extreme poverty—in a self sufficient manner. We are doing this both by 1) training rural smallholder farmers on organic horticulture systems, fruit and ginger growing, and 2) helping these poor farmers get ‘better markets’ for their horticultural and/or agrarian produce through collective marketing. Check out our Action Plan here!

Originally intended to create self sustainability in scaling our previous conservation activities in Uganda’s heavily deforested countryside, the UCF concurrently aims to bring together and equip our target rural smallholder farming communities to work & act for themselves out of poverty (in a self help fashion), giving them the training and skills to grow & market their own food through sustainable & regenerative practices.