More than a TRILLION DOLLAR—about HALF the present GDP of the UK—has been dispatched to the African continent in Development Aid over the past 5 decades. Why then are MILLIONS of Africans still confined in Hunger & Extreme Poverty? Puzzling?

1) Aid either ends up in the hands of corrupt bureaucrats, or is spent on “hand-to-mouth” budgets—failing to equip the poor to become self sustaining. This then recycles dependence and poverty itself, and 2) Most of the rural poor haven’t been equipped to work and act for themselves—with the resolve of self sustainability.

The Uganda Community Farm, a nonprofit agribusiness initiative, aims to build a new paradigm for Uganda’s Rural Poor to work and act for themselves out of Hunger & Poverty—in a self sustaining manner. We will do this by 1) equipping rural smallholder farmers with hands-on skills on organic horticulture systems, and 2) enabling the poor farmers access ‘High Value Agrarian Markets’ for their produce through Collective Marketing. Our goal is to set a precedent for Africa’s Rural Poor to take charge on their own exit from Hunger & Extreme Poverty. See our wider vision on this page.

Originally intended to create self sustainability in scaling our Current Conservation Activities in Uganda’s heavily deforested countryside, the farm contemporarily aims to bring together and equip our target smallholder farmers to work & act for themselves out of Extreme Poverty (in a self help fashion), giving them the training and skills to grow and market their own food through sustainable and regenerative practices.