The UCF is the brainchild of people who have lived in poverty most of our lives, in a remote part of eastern Uganda. But we are determined to put an end on poverty.

Our approach is twofold:

1] Provide poor farmers, particularly women and youths, with initial planting materials along with sufficient organic fertilizers and technical training on specific crops, then 2] pool together their produce and market it under a single umbrella. This helps them to have a combined production that attracts larger buyers—enabling them to get better prices and high-value markets that they couldn’t access before.

At this point, though, we face a new challenge: fresh produce is subject to the most volatile market conditions. And so, we have to devise a reliable and resilient plan for marketing our farmers’ produce. Our new plan is to set up an agricultural processing plant to do exactly that, by turning our farmers’ produce into value-added products.