The Uganda Community Farm (UCF) is a nonprofit social enterprise situated on 12 acres in a remote part of Kamuli, eastern Uganda. Though our work is community-oriented, we are ourselves farmers in the first place. We grow a wide range of crops ourselves, all year round. We then get many other poor farmers to do the same, by helping them secure inputs. Lastly, we create market links for our collective produce.

Our work blends 3 models all at once: 1). a farmers cooperative, in the way we work with other farmers. 2). a nonprofit, in the way we support other farmers, because we are working with some of the poorest rural smallholder farmers who can’t get started on their own, and 3). a social enterprise, in the way we are building self-sustainability.

The UCF is the brainchild of farmers who, until only recently, lived in chronic poverty and starvation. Today, not only do we have plenty of food being grown with our own hands here at the UCF, we are also helping many other rural farmers escape poverty.

Our mission is to lift rural smallholder farmers from extreme poverty in eastern Uganda through access to viable agricultural markets. Our approach is twofold:

1] We provide our fellow farmers, particularly women and the youth, with initial seed, along with ample agronomic support, 2] we pool our produce and market it under a single umbrella, via collective marketing. This not only gives poor farmers a hand-up from poverty, but also links them to high-value markets they couldn’t access before.