Digital Volunteers & Social Media Creatives Needed!


Lend us some digital and/or creative skills to enable the ultra poor in our region both to 1) rebuild from the economic hardship arising from COVID-19, and 2) to build resilience.


My name is Anthony, a small farmer here in eastern Uganda. I have lived in extreme poverty most of my life, but am not content letting the status quo prevail. I am also founder of the UCF, a nonprofit social enterprise that you can read about on this site.


Our struggle is 2-in-1: COVID-19 vs endemic poverty:

Before COVID-19 even came, nearly every rural smallholder farmer in our region was living in extreme poverty. Today, the pandemic has impoverished every household even the more, and people like us simply have nothing to count on in the recovery process.


Help us both 1) to Rebuild, and 2) to Build Resilience:

We are looking for people who can either help only via digital, or physically, as follows:


1).  Digital volunteers:

The UCF is seeking digital volunteers and social media creatives to help amplify our two campaigns below — via social media — so they are seen by as many people as possible.
We only need you to help amplify only ONE of these campaigns that resonates with you the most. But, if you feel both campaigns sound good, the better. Please help with both:


The UCF has a crowdfundraiser that is asking the world to use the next 10 years leading up to 2030, to help people like us build resilience. Please see that crowdfundraiser here.
As a short-term goal, if this fundraiser raises $37k – $150k, it will help rural poor farmers in our region get back on their feet, by enabling us to scale our white sorghum project.
As a long term goal, if this fundraiser raises $240k – $15m, it will help rural poor farmers across a wider geographical area build resilience, by enabling the UCF to develop this agro-processing plant to address the key underlying challenge that keeps every small farmer in our region in extreme poverty: the absence of reliable markets for our produce.
NOTE: as shown under “Funding Targets” in the above crowdfundraiser, you will realize that, although the envisaged total budget for our intended agro-processing plant is big ($15m), we will install a specific portion of this plant once the money we have raised is at intervals of $240k; $620k; $1m and $15m. That is, we will begin developing this plant once we raise $240k, and we will complete it once we have raised $15m in total. And so, every little support that we can raise will make a strategic incremental beginning.


We have a campaign that is calling on the world to get the Global Goals back on track.
AGAIN, please help amplify only one of the above two campaigns that resonates with you the most. If you feel both campaigns sound good, the better. Please help with both.


2).  Hands-on volunteers:

Got some hands-on skills that you could offer on a volunteering basis (e.g. as an industrial designer; food technologist, mechanical engineer etc)? If so, come work with us as one team, once COVID-19 has abated, to help us develop our intended plant.
Please see our page that is inviting potential collaborators/volunteers to work directly with us here in Uganda, to develop this plant:
Further, as we expand our work, we would also like to become friends with people who could help us learn about new digital agricultural technologies, like remote sensing, etc.


Help us to rebuild, and to build resilience.
Anthony    < anthony AT >