Help Me Raise Tweets.

Help me crowdsource a good number of tweets from the people you know, to enable me create some lasting change in an otherwise very impoverished remote community.

My name is Anthony, a small farmer in a remote part of Kamuli, eastern Uganda.
I am trying to change my community, but the “chicken and egg problem” is quite a big challenge for people like me. In particular, I would have wanted to run a social media campaign to enable me recruit collaborators, but I do not have any marketing budget whatsoever. Even the mere idea of creating a sponsored tweet or a promoted tweet isn’t possible for me, coz I do not have any of the payment methods accepted by twitter.
My project, the UCF — a nonprofit social enterprise that you can read about this site — also currently has only one small donor who is only supporting our sorghum project, so we really do not have any spare penny to spend on marketing, or anything like that.


The Challenge:

The coronavirus has impoverished the world’s poor, than ever. But, many of us had long lived in extreme poverty before the coronavirus was even here. In other words, what the pandemic is trying to do, right now, is to kind of seal our fate for good, i.e. to empty any remaining hopes that people like us may have had, of seeing a poverty-free world ever.
As someone who has seen extreme poverty for eternity, I really cringe at such a thought.


Help Me Raise Enough Tweets, So I Can Do Something:

I am humbly asking everyone who is seeing this, to speak with the people you know, and ask each one of them to only donate a few tweets to share any of the two things below:


1). The UCF is looking for people who believe in the collaborative framework laid out by the Global Goals (SDG #17), to help the extreme poor in our region build some functional level of resilience, and thus move out of chronic poverty, by 2030. A detailed description of how we need those collaborators to work together with us, is available on this page.
Specifically, the solution that we need those collaborators to help us create, is an agro-processing plant that aims to create reliable market linkages for rural poor smallholder farmers in our region, as described on this page:


2). We have a fundraiser that is primarily intended to raise support for the same plant.


Note: We are seeking a threshold of $15m to get this plant off the ground. But, as shown under “Funding Targets” in our current fundraiser for this plant (see link below), we will install a specific portion of this plant once the money we have raised is at intervals of $240k; $620k; $1m and $15m. That is, we will begin developing this plant once we raise $240k, and we will complete it once we have raised $15m in total. So, every little support that we can raise will make a small incremental beginning. Still, we can even do better, if only we could find enough helping hands to help us raise a little over $15m. More here.


Your support shall be much appreciated.
P.S. — see also our own campaign about the Global Goals:
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