The UCF is currently supporting a network of 336 fellow poor farmers, and we are just getting started. We have also thus far provided over 4,000 kg of ginger rhizomes to these farmers, in partnership with And in 2016, a well-wisher from Seattle donated a dump truck (photos below) to the UCF. The truck delivers organic wastes (fertilizers) to all the farmers we work with, and distributes seed at planting. The UCF then creates market links for our produce through collective marketing.

Most poor smallholder farmers in Uganda own 1 – 2 acres of land. Many have even smaller sizes, and their soils are typically exhausted. These farmers cannot sell their produce to larger buyers. By helping them enhance their soils; secure inputs and market their produce under a single umbrella, we are helping these smallholder farmers access high-value markets and better prices they couldn’t access before.

And, with a new focus on access to markets through value-added agriculture, our new goal is to help farmers diversify their incomes, by creating markets not only for ginger (which has been our sole focus crop), but also, for a range of crops that are produced in our region, such as mangoes; pineapples; banana; passion fruits; cassava; moringa; cereals etc. This will help poor farmers diversify their incomes and escape poverty.