Any K-pop fans out there reading this?

If so, I could really use a little help from you, to make a small mark on poverty!


My name is Anthony, a small farmer striving to end poverty here in eastern Uganda. I am also founder of the UCF, a nonprofit social enterprise that you can read about on this site.


The coronavirus has highlighted the urgency of ending global poverty and inequality.
But the way the world currently thinks about ending global poverty is impractical, and many people on this planet, including those who possess the only capacity for ensuring an end to poverty by 2030, have long been detached from the world’s extreme poor.


I have created two campaigns, with the goal of ensuring that the next 10 years leading up to 2030 actually bring a tangible end to poverty. The help am asking of every K-pop fan reading this, is to help share these 2 campaigns via social, so they are seen by many:
Campaign #1 is a crowdfundraiser whose goal is to help farmers in our region move out of poverty by 2030. Here is that crowdfundraiser:
Campaign #2 stresses the need for the world to revisit its approach to ending global poverty; the need for humanity as a whole to come together, and most importantly, to get the UN Global Goals back on track. Here is that campaign:
Campaign #2 also details one solution (an agro-processing plant) that the UCF wants to create, to catalyze a lasting, self-sustainable end to the yoke of poverty in our region by 2030. The costs for this plant are part of the money we are raising in Campaign #1 above.
Here is a budget breakdown for this plant:
See also my recent article in The Guardian, on why I believe in the UN Global Goals.
P.S. – please note: Africa is a place that is primarily seen from the lens of scams. If you are willing to render a hand, but would like to be sure this is a genuine project, I can put you in touch with over 10 UK & US nationals who have stayed at the UCF in the last 5 years. You can also see a few photos of some of them now, on our “Volunteer” page.


Your support shall be much appreciated.
Anthony < anthony AT >