At present, the only crop for which we can find a ready market is sorghum. In August 2019, the UCF is giving out 1.2 tons of white sorghum seed to ~400 farmers in Kamuli and Buyende. The agribusiness manager for Uganda Breweries, Joseph Kawuki, has also offered a guaranteed market for our sorghum. It will be the first time farmers in our region — who already have no market for other crops, and who aren’t part of any agricultural value chains — will access a mainstream market in the agri-food industry.

Providing farmers with sorghum seed and agronomic training will be continuous each subsequent planting season. From the initial village-to-village orientation that we are making now, the number of participating farmers is set to more than double in 2020. Gathering that sorghum from farmers and delivering it to the brewery at harvest, is also the responsibility of the UCF. See our project needs hereAnd see photos below: