Support Us


Here below are 4 ways you can support us:


1). A donation page where you can help us cover our general operating expenses.


2). Help amplify a fundraiser that is raising support for an agro-processing plant that aims to create new market linkages for rural poor smallholder farmers in our region.


3). In March 2021, the UCF became part of the Benevity Causes Portal. If you work for a company that is part of Benevity’s employee workplace giving & corporate matching gift programs, you can help us raise support for this plant by having your contribution matched by your employer. Search ‘Uganda Community Farm (Nabwigulu)’ on Benevity.


4). You can also help us raise support for this plant by making a wire transfer:

Bank Name:                                   Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited
Bank SWIFT CODE:                          CERBUGKA
Beneficiary Name:                           Uganda Community Farm Nabwigulu
Beneficiary Account Number:             6420400296
Beneficiary Bank Branch:                  Centenary Kamuli Branch

Intermediary Bank:                          Citi Bank N.A, New York
Intermediary Bank SWIFT CODE:         CITIUS33
Intermediary Bank Account Number:    36022172
Intermediary Bank ABA Number:         021000089


* if you are initiating a wire transfer from your device, rather than from a bank teller (i.e. at a counter insider the bank), you might be asked for the “Recipient’s Address”.

In that case, please use:    00256 Kamuli, Uganda.