Since 2014, the UCF has worked with hundreds of rural poor farmers in Kamuli and Buyende, on ginger and sorghum. We have provided farmers with seed, training, and other extension services, besides building market linkages for these farmers’ produce.

In retrospect, the absence of reliable markets is the foremost challenge for farmers across our region. The UCF is striving to change this by linking rural poor smallholder farmers with agricultural value chains, e.g. in the food and beverage industry. It is the goal of our current white sorghum project, and our intended agro-processing plant.

In this, our goal is to help farmers diversify their incomes, by creating reliable market linkages for various crops, and thus place them on a self-sufficient path from poverty.

For a few photos from our previous work with local farmers, see a presentation that we made before the UNDP Uganda Country Director — and her senior team — back in 2017, in regard to the same agro-processing plant that we are striving to develop.