Is this traditional capitalism?


We have been trying to raise support for our intended agro-processing plant since 2015, in vain. During that time, people have asked if our intended plant, or the UCF’s designation as a “social enterprise”, isn’t capitalism, and if not, what makes it not?


The short answer:

No. This isn’t capitalism. Our intended ownership structure for this plant explains that.


The long answer:

Our idea for having this plant is based on universal need, or communal need, per our local context: addressing the main challenge that keeps every rural smallholder farmer in our region in extreme poverty, i.e. the absence of reliable markets for our produce.

Our only goal is to catalyze self-sustainability, in a place where there is simply nothing else that is happening to end poverty, not to mention that this plant is being fronted by people who are ourselves only emerging from the direst forms of poverty, in a region (Busoga) that also doubles as Uganda’s most impoverished. This isn’t really capitalism.