Our Team

Anthony Kalulu – Founder & Director. 

I have lived most of my life at the epicenter of poverty. You would have to visit my childhood home at the foot of Kagulu hill in Buyende, to see my background. My story here. And here.

Although that sounds a little awry, Newton’s theory that “to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction” has held true for me. The experiences I have gone through are what have shaped my journey. So, after 7 years teaching at a local school, I knew I lived in a community that depends wholly on agriculture; I also knew my own previous struggles with extreme poverty had a more direct connection with agriculture being our primary source of livelihood. And so, in 2014, I launched the UCF.

Erina Kawala – Director,  also working as our Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Erina, seen here donning a UCF T-shirt while hosting a project visitor from the United States, joined our team in 2016 as Director. She is also our Monitoring & Evaluation Officer.

To put it in her own words, Erina was attracted to our work because of the “practical nature of the UCF’s approach to reversing extreme poverty”. Erina’s role as Director is not that typical “stay-in-office” job. She spends most of her time personally visiting our farmers with our motorbike several days every week.

Ms. Kawala holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences, from Makerere University.

 Rinah Kalivare – Finance & Administration Manager.

Rinah has been on our team since March 2016. Here, she is pictured seated on the UCF motorbike that she uses to make daily field visits to our farmers.

Not only does Rinah oversee our finances, she is also our local farmers’ most beloved friend. For seven days in a week, Monday to Sunday, she is answering phone calls from the over 300 farmers that the UCF is currently supporting. Not only that, Rinah also physically visits about 10 of these farmers every week — coordinating the supply of fertilizers to farmers with the UCF’s truck; providing farmers with technical information and ongoing training on pests and disease control or weed management etc.


Viola Namugeere – Records & Inventory Manager

Viola, joins us from Nsamizi University (Mpigi) where she recently completed her Diploma in Public Administration and Management.

Besides overseeing our equipment and records management, Viola is also in charge of engaging local farmers on all aspects of our community outreaches.

Viola has a knack for driving mass participation of local people in community activities, partly honed by a career in public administration. In her final fieldwork at Bugumbulya Sub County in Kamuli (March 2015), she was a key catalyst on getting many local households to construct latrines, plate stands and bathrooms.


Want to Join Our Team?

If interested in joining us, please send a brief bio to: team(at)ugandafarm.org.