Action Plan

Marketing of our farmers’ produce is the sole responsibility of the UCF. And so, to counter the volatility of markets/demand for fresh produce; achieve market scale and help our farmers get higher prices, the UCF now wants to start producing value-added food products, such as ginger ale . Our next challenge therefore is set up a Food & Beverage offshoot to handle the part of value-addition. See our Concept Note.

To provide prototypes on crop protection and maintenance, the UCF has set up a training and demo center in Namisita, Kamuli. The center, with a large storehouse [seen above], is also our “collective marketing” point where all our farmers’ ginger harvest is to be gathered and then marketed under a single umbrella.

At the same time, the income from the ginger being grown at our demo center shall ultimately enable us to self-finance 100% of our administrative overheads and project scaling costs, making the whole project 100% financially self sufficient.

To cascade technical knowledge & skills to rural poor farmers at a grassroots level, the UCF has initially tapped a few model farmers from each village. The model farmers provide peer-to-peer mentoring to new farmers; organize fellow farmers to ready their produce for collection, and coordinate all our outreaches in their villages.