Action Plan

The main challenge that keeps rural farmers in poverty in our region is the absence of reliable markets. So, our new plan is to set up an agro-processing plant that shall reverse poverty and create jobs in our region, by minimizing food losses and creating markets for rural smallholder farmers, through value-added agriculture. Details here.

Meanwhile, as we raise support for this processing plant, the only crop for which we can secure a reliable market for our farmers’ fresh produce in bulk right now (without any post-harvest processing), is sorghum. If you are interested in supporting us at this level alone, please see the work (PDF) that we can do if you helped us raise support.

With a new focus on market access through value-added agriculture, our new goal is to help farmers diversify their incomes, by creating markets not only for ginger (which has been our sole focus crop), but also for a range of crops that are produced in our region, such as mangoes; pineapples; banana; passion fruits; cassava; cereals; moringa; beets etc. This will help poor farmers diversify their incomes and escape poverty.